We've applied our decades of expertise to formulate amazing lipsticks in an array of shades designed to work with every skin tone.

The deciding factors that determine whether or not a shade works for someone depends on undertone, the quality, intensity, and amount of pigment used to create a shade.  Therefore, VIOLA ROUGE has spent years developing shades based on undertone, rather than skin tone. 

VIOLA ROUGE formulas incorporate rich pigments in deeply saturated hues. Each VIOLA ROUGE shade contains elements of warm and cool tones to complement virtually everyone. Our shades have just the right balance of both cool and warm shades. Even our shimmers have the perfect balance of gold and silver to suit everyone.


Cosmetic colors are most flattering when they match the underlying skin tone in level or contrast for more impact. Selecting tones lighter than the skin with a white base will look gray or chalky on deep skin tones.  For this reason, women of color are often advised to select sheer or shimmery nudes to avoid this issue.

Beauty professionals often break undertones into Cool, Warm, or Neutral categories no matter how light or dark the skin is. Aside from this, selecting the correct palette for your underlying skin tone gets more complicated when taking hair color into consideration, regardless of whether your hair color is natural or dyed.

VIOLA ROUGE makes it easy by creating palettes for each underlying skin tone, which are then organized by cool, warm, and neutral selections. No one said the beauty journey had to be a difficult one.

Formulated for Every Skin Tone

There's a lot of talk about skin color and cosmetic colors. Fifty shades of this, 40 shades of that... all to find the perfect match.

The truth is that skin color doesn’t matter! What does matter is pigment and underlying skin tone

VIOLA ROUGE partnered with one of the world's leading makeup artists and skin care experts to develop rich pigments in deeply saturated hues. Our shades contain elements of warm and cool tones to compliment any underlying skin tone, whether it's red, blue, olive, yellow, or pink.

When you choose shades designed for your underlying skin tone, there's no chalkiness and no flattening... There's nothing but gorgeous!!!!

Skin Tone Formulation

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