Learn more about how VIOLA ROUGE crafts its cosmetics with underlying skin tone in mind. While we know every shade can look gorgeous on everyone, we also understand personal preference. If you’re not yet sure which makeup matches your skin’s undertone, or you don’t have a strong opinion on one hue versus another, this VIOLA ROUGE Shade Guide gives you a place to get started...

Red Skin Tone/Cool Undertone

  • Any ethnic background and any skin tone, from fair to dark, can have red undertones.
  • Undertones are not always true red, but may range from peach to pink to pale coral
  • Bright colors often exaggerate a ruddy complexion.
  • Deeper reds and oranges with a blue base work best.
  • Berries contrast and cool down the heat to balance red skin tones.
  • Dark skin with red undertones looks great with a nude shade that has a slightly bluer base
  • Fair skin can handle a peachy nude shade that is a bit deeper than your skin tone.
Red Collection Shades

Blue Skin Tone/Cool Undertone

  • Cool-undertoned skin has a blue tint.
  • This is true for the deepest Sudanese skin tones and the fairest Brit.
  • Red and Orange shades work well.
  • Vibrant purple and fuchsia have a blue base, so they complement cool skin tones.
  • Neutrals such as dove gray and sandy beige work well.
Blue Collection Shades

Yellow Skin Tone/Warm Undertone

  • Yellow undertones are often described as peachy or golden. 
  • Warm shades pair best with this undertone, such as fiery red, orange, and rich yellow — but any shade works if it suits your personality.
  • Red hues with an orange undertone work well.
  • Dark blue and black berries contrast and cool down the heat of yellow undertones and balance the color of your complexion.
  • Neutrals are great.
    Yellow Collection Shades

    Pink Skin Tone/Undertone


    • Pink complexions can be found in every ethnic group. However, typically Nordic descendants fall into this category.
    • Red and orange shades can easily overpower this skin tone.
    • Berries contrast and cool down the heat to balance red skin tones.
    • Rose-colored nudes create a beautiful neutral palette.
      Pink Collection Shades

      Olive Skin Tone/Undertone


      • Olive skin tones typically have warm or neutral undertones with a greenish cast to the skin, so it is complemented by a wide range of lipstick shades.
      • In truth, Olive is a skin tone, but pairs well as a point of reference when looking at the neutral undertone.
      • Neutral undertones can be found in abundance in places all over the globe, from Africa to South Africa, and from the Middle East to the Mediterranean.
      • When it comes to foundation, this skin tone is the most difficult to match. It’s also the group that can have the most fun with lipstick! 
      • Bright red shades highlight golden-yellow undertones.
      • Cool berry shades accent the warmth of this complexion.
      • Pink and coral shades can brighten up cooler, bluish undertones.
      • Deep jewel and earth tones, such as garnet red and umber brown, also work well with olive skin tones.
      • The ideal nude shades lean towards a brownish or mauve (brownish-purple) hue, or they may have a warm orange base.
        Olive Collection Shades

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