Clean Beauty

Clean Beauty

There’s a lot of confusion about what clean beauty means, but we’re setting the record straight.

Here’s what we at VIOLA ROUGE know to be true about clean beauty:

  • Research shows that serious health issues such as hormone disruption, cancer, and skin irritation are on the rise, and exposure to toxic and synthetic chemicals is a likely contributor.
  • Many manufactured chemicals on the market, including those used in the beauty industry, don’t have any safety data associated with them.
  • The personal care industry is largely unregulated by modern standards because it is not updated to reflect our current technology or product manufacturing processes. The last piece of regulation designed to monitor personal care products was passed in 1938, which means that many cosmetic companies can essentially say and do whatever they want, with minimal government oversight.

This makes it very easy for companies to “clean wash” their formulas with false advertising and misleading use of stock phrases. In other words, these companies hide behind terminology that can trick consumers into thinking their products are clean, natural, or healthy — when they are anything but beneficial.


Viola Rouge Clean Beauty
Viola Rouge Clean Beauty

VIOLA ROUGE is different. We were created with clean in mind, and we’ve stayed true to that mission to this day. What does clean beauty mean? It means we use only the finest and purest ingredients that meet our exceptionally high standards of health and safety. It means that our lipsticks, blushes, foundations, and all of our other cosmetics are created with your safety and health as the number-one priority.

Clean beauty also means we never do “dirty” business. Our ethical enterprise is supported by our commitment to working exclusively with international vendors, all of which support our core values of sustainability and consumer well-being. Each collection also includes a local ingredient from each country of origin, and we use only those ingredients that are known for their beauty benefits, safety, and efficacy.

VIOLA ROUGE is proud to be a Leaping Bunny certified business, which can give you confidence in our commitment to cruelty-free cosmetics.

Dirty beauty ingredients we will never use

There are certain ingredients Viola Rouge will never include in its formulas. We promise: 

Viola Rouge Clean Beauty
  • First established in 1986, California’s Proposition 65, has become a resource to increase consumer safety towards any chemicals identified in products to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity by first giving the consumer a clear and reasonable warning of the chemicals’ harm. Therefore, OEHHA is responsible to publish and update the Proposition 65 list of harmful chemicals at least once a year. As of now, OEHHA’s list of harmful chemicals has accounted for more than 900 substances that are banned or restricted for use in cosmetics, making California a close second to Europe’s list of 1,300 banned or restricted chemicals. 

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